What is TOD?___________________________________________

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is compact, higher density, mixed-use, walkable development that is centered within a half mile of a transit station. TOD generally includes residential, commercial, retail and recreational space, and is designed to create connections between transit, bicycles and pedestrians.

What Are Benefits of TOD to the Developer?

Check Density at the transit node
Check Connectivity to the transit node will bring higher pedestrian traffic to retail
tenants and be attractive to apartment dwellers
Check Reduction in parking requirements
Check Sustainable building construction will save in operating costs
Check Mixed uses can leverage rents by creating a sense of place for people to live and gather

What Are Benefits of TOD to the Community?
Check Potential for added value created through increased and/or sustained property values where transit
investments have occurred
Check Reduced household driving and thus lowered regional congestion, air pollution and greenhouse gas
Check Walkable communities that accommodate more healthy and active lifestyles Check Increased transit
ridership and fare revenue
Check Improved access to jobs and economic opportunity for workers
Check Reduced dependence on the automobile, reduced transportation costs and frees up household income for
other purposes

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